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The Haunting of Mary

Photo #21 Bagnall's Pond 1960's.tif

     In the very early 1800s, there was a little girl named Mary. Mary was a troublemaker and everyone in the village were annoyed by her. She played pranks on everyone and they didn't find it funny at all. Mary’s parents were very abusive and embarrassed by Mary’s behaviour. Her room was in the basement and they had no trouble throwing her in every night and locking the door. But Mary made a secret escape and was able to sneak out from her room and she used to go outside and play more pranks, out of revenge. She wasn't an evil child but just craved attention and love. Being bad was the only way to get herself noticed.

   One night, Mary played a very very bad prank. she had ruined one of her neighbours garden and Mary was, of course, severely punished. Her parents beat her before chucking her into the basement and locking the door. Mary cried for hours before silently going through her secret escape and went to the river. Mary’s house is located right across the street from where today’s Hunter River Bakery is. Mary headed behind today’s bakery, where she had her own little row boat hidden in the reeds. She quietly went out in the river with it and somehow drowned. They say that Mary still roams Hunter River, screaming for help. On a moonlit night they say you can see the ripples from her row boat.

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